USB progress update post

Updates on USB code progress

Hi there folks. I've been hard at work on USB and have made great progress. I have made a USB HID Keyboard device that works and now I'm working on a USB Mass Storage Device (an SD card connected to my PIC32MZ but visible in Windows).
It's all working pretty well and when running the SPI at 50MHz (which is technically double the max frequency but whatever) I am able to get write speeds of 3MB/s and read speeds of 3.8MB/s in Windows. Even when running SPI at 25MHz I get about 2MB/s write speeds and over 2MB/s read speeds, so good progress is being made.
I need to test that this stuff is working reliably before uploading posts on my site and it's Christmas and New Year so there's a lot of family stuff going on :) As soon as I finish, I'll upload it all.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to those of you that celebrate it!

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