A world without Harmony post

What's this blog about then?

Greetings, Internet. When I started using PIC32 a few years ago with the PIC32MX220F032B, I quickly came to realise that there were no examples that would help me understand how to use it. Worse still, what little there was was copied and pasted from Microchip's own examples and made extensive use of their peripheral library, PLIB, to do almost everything. This problem became even worse when I wanted to move to the PIC32MZ series because Microchip has moved on from PLIB to Harmony (which itself seems to use PLIB in the background funnily enough).

I contrast this to Arduino which has user libraries and code for seemingly everything under the sun. Every module on eBay and Aliexpress has a library for it on Arduino. Not so for the PIC32! However, I like the PIC32 because of the large amounts of RAM and peripherals available. So after years of not being able to take the hint that PIC32 wasn't for part-time hobbyists like me, and years of making my own development boards and rewriting Arduino code to work on the PIC32 I've decided to share what little I know on this blog. I hope it will be useful for the people like me who want to use the PIC32 but don't want to buy an expensive development board and be forced into using Harmony. A huge audience, I'm sure.

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